Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009 Daily Art Page Your Own Stones

A whole month of art journal pages!
It's been said that it takes a month to develop a habit. I hope this month has helped me to develop the habit of starting and finishing an idea in one day and getting it out there.
If not every day, then five out of the seven.
Thanks Misty, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Well if you’re dancing naked, then you have made it easier for your partner to love you or at least make love to you. Of course if he is wearing a mask (or in the case of anonymity you could be blindfolded) you’re relying on him to be trustworthy. Isn’t that a major component of love? You give someone your heart and you trust them to be gentle with it, take care of it, to massage it daily, etc.and return it intact. For without trust, healthy love can not exist.

So did you send him back to the wife? Or did he leave on his own volition? If it was his decision to leave you after 3, she must have been a hell (in a good way) of a wife. Was this by any chance Cyn’s dumper? Dating that dude must have put some strain on the friendship.

Nixon, W, Clinton, etc. I’m often puzzled (that’s an understatement) as to why as a country we so despise our presidents/leaders for sending our young off to war but yet as a nation why the same moral indignation doesn’t exist for abortion. This morning I passed a church with 3,300 crosses, representing the number of daily abortions, planted on the front lawn. Quite an impactful visual. I know they’re our bodies and all but it’s not our life being taken and isn’t life a life regardless of the age and who is sending it off to die? Yikes. Double yikes. Even triple yikes. Forget I wrote all that. In the future I’ll keep my puzzlements to myself. I’ve been talking politics and religion. Breaking the cardinal rule. Go Cardinals. Beat the Steelers.

What a cutie you were as a 16 year old. I bet there was a line of teenage boys wanting to date you and hoping for more than just 3. The photograph reminded me of the opening of that 90’s TV show “The Wonder Years”. The 60’s of our youth were certainly the wonder years. Uh oh, there goes the 14 year old girl possibility. Actually my grandmother told me about the 60’s. She’s a wonderful story teller. Says she wore bell bottoms and love beads and believed in peace, love and groovy happiness. Far out.

Cyn: Do you think an Urban Cattle Rancher would work for her? How about a fun loving Jolly Cattle Rancher? Didn’t Travolta make a movie like that? Oh no, that was “Urban Cowboy”. The problem with being a Cattle Rancher is that you have to watch everywhere you step while you’re on the job. Of course a lot of jobs are like that. Only the stuff you're trying to avoid isn't as obvious. You say Leesh believes people can change. Can I hear her say that? You know what with tigers changing their stripes and all. Why don’t they ever say that zebras can’t change their stripes? Hey, Bill Murray did change in “Stripes” so the possibility does exist even if only on the silver screen or the hi-def.

Leesh: I was under the impression that Hazel was still with you. Based on the past tense you used, I gather she’s in the big doggy park in the sky now. If so, my condolences. Based on my experiences, I do think that most dogs (excluding the “he deserves to go to hell” cases like those involving your ex-quarterback) do love their owners unconditionally. You can trust them with your hearts as much as you can with an animal.

Anonymous said...

Oh my golly, I stumbled upon your blog and your art challenge to yourself - a page a day AND IT HAS HAPPENED. You must be so proud to have accomplished this, and will you go on until day 365? A whole year of journal pages? I will now read back through all your entries, and thanks for sharing. Ann (from UK)

Jonna said...

You did it!....congrats. My life so got in the way of the Jan challenge. Oh well such is life. I did finally get some thing posted to the blog.... your pages have been awesome. Good for you my friend....