Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amazing Cloudscape

Last week I received a wonderful gift: a reminder of why I fell so hard in love with the condo I bought with all the impulsivity of a child with her first allowance. It was the view! The endless light. The infinite sky paired with the bulky thud of downtown high-rises---all those horizontal and vertical lines. 

So I'm working from home on Wednesday and I'm really working away (okay, there's a laundry going but that's the equivalent to cube hopping, right?) and the sky is changing so fast I've got to stop and just watch. It's like a chorus line of clouds.


jane said...

Oh Alicia, it makes me want to move to the city (actually, I already do want to move to the city) For those very reasons that you speak of. Isn't it interesting how "art" is truly all around us. Very nice.
Jane, Random Arts, Saluda, NC

ABG said...

maybe we should just swap lives for a while.
thanks and thanks again for the surprise package