Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration at Centennial Park

Just couldn't go to the office today! The idea of watching our most historic inauguration since....when? I don't know....in the breakroom was not to be borne.

My neighbor and walking buddy, Faye and I walked over and stood freezing with hundreds of other Atlantans on the site of the 1996 Olympic Park (where the water rings spurt, near where the bomb went off, across the lawn from CNN...you know the place).

The older I get the closer my emotions resemble the steady pull and push of the tides. Unceasing and essentially trustworthy, accessable as the salt on the stovetop, it's become quite rare to recognize something new but today I felt the rise of a liquid deep between throat and heart as if a spring had appeared, green and blue, reflection, perhaps, of the earth within. Could it be hope?

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