Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12 Daily Journal Page Challenge

Took a troll through the other bloggers participating in this challenge. Misty Mawn, organizer and Pied Piper has thrown out a variation for this week: monochromes. (Glad those self-portraits are over.) Monday is blue. Used the oppty to scrape some tinted gesso onto this heavy but clunky paper (Pentalic Nature Sketch, spiral bind sketchbook) and develop a wee bit of texture. Then go over it with brush pen. Am fascinated with winter you can see.
Art journals do want to read with the same interest as a literary journal or a diary. People, readers, want plot. When it comes to visual art, plot means the development of an image. A change in angle or point of view from one page to another. My winter branches are forming a forest and within that forest are the birds that symbolize myself, my friends, my world. So far, the forest is but a few trees but like that other, greater work: Into the Woods, we start at the edge and penetrate. You must penetrate. And that means more trees and darker skies.

(Am reading Human Croquet by Kate Atkinson. Opening chapter is about the primeval forest. No accidents here)


Anonymous said...

From one of your previous entries: What we need more of is time and memories.

I suggest you keep them in a memory bouquet. Then when you want, or need, you can use their fragrance as that scent turnkey to time travel that you wrote about.

ABG said...

rosemary and thyme?