Friday, January 30, 2009

January 29 Daily Art Journal Curiosity

I drew with paint using my non-dominant hand. I've done this before but this page was more frustrating than previously, probably because I was hemmed by page, by multi-tasking (tv and crackers baking) and fact that tree was outside and my back was turned from window. Hate it when I multi-task but persist.
Drawing with non-dominant hand is very useful for drawing organic subjects: trees, limbs, flowers, crowded gardens, etc., anything that requires a loose line that might have to take off on its own suddenly. I am always curious to see what happens with that other hand.

the little photo was ripped from a Corbis stock book. It strikes me that while this image could illustrate joy or some form of exultation, to me it just kept saying work. Good work, where work is experimental and thoughtful. The figure here is working out ways to walk on his hands. He's been at it for hours maybe and in between times, he's thinking. He is curious.

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