Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30 Daily Art Journal Feeling the Past

With some bemusement and fascination drawing a portrait from a series of photos I haven't seen in 40 years. What's interesting is that I have owned some of the pictures from the same series.
Sometimes friends tear a dollar in half with the ambition of putting them back together. Lovers break lockets apart, or remove one photo. But I guess most of us do what LL and I did. Share our photos and go our merry ways. Many years later, re-unite and restore the roll of film.


chickory said...

great to see YOU today. i was blown away by your journal. youve got to do a larger version of those leaf head things. you are really good -youre eye for design is off the chart. i would buy that book.

good luck on the walk. i was thinking on the drive home about all the book arts on etsy. you should check it out

ABG said...

I will and thanks again. your compliments on journal mean a lot. in fact, i'm pretty stunned.
i'm working out the kinks in books but that's a lifetime job. i'll be at your etsy meeting.