Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21 Daily Art Challenge - Altered Photograph

Don't think this is finished. the top image, which I managed quite by accident with an inkjet copy and a lot of citrus gel stripper. I thought I was following directions rubbing away with a spoon but the transfer didn't take.
A bit later, I peeled the copy away from the sketchbook and wiped down the page where a vague and woozy image was staining it nicely. Can't remember why, but I laid the copy down again and wiped with a damp paper towel. The result is ghostly and will make a nice background if I can get past how precious I'm finding it.

Meanwhile, I took a busy photo of my little dog, Hazel looking remarkably tarty after a trip to the groomers (they always emphasized her poodle qualities making her into a little cliche.)

Here, I simply wet down the photo and sanded away at the scruffy lawn and busy trees. I always loved this wall, which introduced a lovely old apartment house property in Tuscaloosa, where I lived for a few years.

Ideas welcome for how to finish or proceed. I'd say it's about a third of its way.


misty said...

i really love how it looks now... perhaps a little journaling on the top? but it's great how it is... sweet little hazel. i love that name, it was one of the 3 names we were going to name our daughter.

ABG said...

journaling is a good idea. Maybe write about how Hazel was so contrary the only way to get her to do what she wanted was to tell her the opposite. "You can tell she's your dog," said one friend after dogsitting her for a month.