Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Want to Live Here Episode 49

“And you never opened it?”
I’m not so sure I could have withstood the temptation but Stephen just shrugged.
“I got my own secrets.”
“And who holds them?”
“That’s just it. Me and Abigail were talking once about what you hide when you’re married compared to what you hide when you’re not. I hide my dope in the linen closet but Nan knows it’s there. It’s not hidden from her. Nothing in the house is hidden from her. If I need to keep something from her, I give it to my brother. Not that there’s been much.” He was reassuring on this point, but I nodded as if I understood. “So we were talking about that and she asked me if I’d hold something for her. Nothing illegal and nothing she’d be checking in and out like a library book. It wouldn’t be a bother and if I needed to tell Nan, that was fine. So I put it in my underwear drawer.”
“And now you’re giving it to me,” I said, squeezing the envelope, giving it a little shake, holding it up to the light. "Love letters?"
“I guess you could pass it on to Susan,” he said.
I nodded. “Yeah, I guess I could. In fact, I could just drop it through the mail slot and let fate take a hand... Why didn't you do that?"
"And ruin your fun?" he asked with a lovely little grin.
And then, like so many detective heroes, he kissed me quickly and drove off.
And like so many sleuths, I went to the kitchen and set the kettle on to boil.

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