Thursday, November 25, 2010

Everyone's a foodie blogger on Thanksgiving

A roll call of gratitude:

30-year fixed-interest mortgage
ability to pay it so far
good neighbors and friends, Faye and Bill. Here's to another year of early morning walks. Thanks for your patience when I just have to take another photo.
Donna and her family
Linda and the restoration of miracles
Sarah and the endurance of love
Evy, Bill, Clay and Johnny, Serey and Mike
Jean, Pat, the Soupers
Janeann and Steve, Deborah and David's ghost
AID and my newest career. Living proof that if I can't be a good example, there's value to being a horrible warning.
GPC and its hard-working student body. Thanks for holding those doors open, ladies and gentlemen.
Our neurotic customers at the Hanger and Fold - there are plenty of people with money to burn. Thanks for burning it with us. Now, go get yourself some real therapy.
Art and the way you make me feel...alive and in the moment.
The Particulars
Atlanta Printmakers
The birds in the trees, the wind, the roof over my head
my health
my Lexapro.
my trust Toyota.
...I could keep going.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kid in Candy Store

A shot captured in Belly, in Virginia-Highland. Great scones and olive-oil bagels that satisfy despite being as unlike a real bagel as possible and still be terrifically tasty. I hadn't been in since joining the ranks of the mighty 9%. The nice, worn communal table remains but the store has turned teenager (to paraphrase from a favorite poem) in an old-fashioned way. Maybe it's the luck of the light or ghosts of Fleeman's Drugstore, but this little patch of intown Atlanta has a sweetness not related to its goods sold.

A few weeks ago, after lunch at Super Pan Latino (disappointing, but I have only myself to blame for risking a "pig's head" sandwich)
pal Jen and I strolled back to her house and were caught by Belly's facade. Jen's got a thing for those Maryjane candies while I recall the giant orange circus peanuts with fondness. What else? Boston baked beans, chikstiks, those peanut butter and slivered sugar candies. Oh, it was worth the stop and nothing like a jawbreaker to wipe the taste of pig head off the tongue.

These huge jars filled with candy sit mid-store. There are more on benches in front and behind and even more ranged along waist height and in the shabby chic cabinets. In fact, I had to look hard for any gourmet savories before spotting some oils and coffees. 
Still, it's a friendly place for sitting and who doesn't miss penny candy?