Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27 Daily Art Journal Determined

Unlike Monday, today's time could be (and was) given over to one pleasant and pleasantly long task. My little craft and I floating through the hours and then some. Even dinner conspired, cancelled and leaving me just a little more freedom. Free of irritation, my determination to enjoy a productive day was given me and I, in turn, was productive. 


Anonymous said...

You are one amazingly talented person - writer, artist and philosopher with such insightful and intriquing thoughts. I bet you are great on a date.

RE: those unfulfilled dreams and longings, go for it. When we die we don't want to say I wish I had ... Of course sometimes we are not even sure (or at least won't admit it to ourselves) what those dreams and longings are. Remember what you wrote: Take risks; If you win, you will be happy; If you lose, you will be wise.

Hooray For Hazel. Aren't dogs great? They are so much smarter than us. They give love unconditionally.

Your picture at the top of the page reminds me of the football and basketball plays I used to draw during jr. high. Of course with the male and female stick figures holding hands, the X's and O's could be hugs and kisses. Interesting.

ABG said...

i'm great on three dates. do I know you?

Anonymous said...

Anonymity lends itself to an honesty and openness that otherwise might not be forthcoming. Besides what if I was a 14 year old girl or a cattle rancher or someone who worked on the Nixon re-election campaign? Would that matter? Well, I agree the Nixon deal would matter.

What happens on the fourth date?

Anonymous said...

This is as good as your novel...please, keep going!

ABG said...

Back to the wife, of course.
The problem with your anonymity is that it's one-sided. It's like dancing naked when your partner is not only clothed but masked.
The print is indeed using X's and O's as hugs and kisses. I used letters from the print shop.

All dogs are not great but Hazel was a little treat.

I thought I would feel much more vindicated than I did when Nixon died. It was more fun watching W get his comeupance on stage. Of course, one wonders if he was really paying attention...

Cyn said...

I found the idea of a cattle rancher somewhat intriguing ('though I always think of her kind of man as more urban in nature)...and a 14 year old girl who tells Leesh she's amazingly talented would at least be a treat (though not so much as a cattle rancher and for totally different reasons). As for the Nixon campaign worker...She's tolerant and believes people can change.Oh, and I once got dumped by a guy for her...so I KNOW she's a good date.