Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life as a Statistic - part 2

Top Ten Things I Won't Live Without (yet)

10. Therapy on lower back
9.   $10 wine (I hate three-buck chuck)
8.  APS monthly membership
7.   Lux (hair)
6. Aveda Confixor
5.  New pair of Merrells (they were in the old budget!)
4. Netflix
3. Yoga at Kashi 
2. Contribution to mutual fund
1. Ability to say no

Fortunately, I've always lived pretty close to the bone. This has made for a small life in many ways with little world-wide travel, but I'm really not giving up a whole lot. In fact, it took some time to come up with that list. What's amusing is that Netflix kept traveling up and up until I thought it would reach number one. I'd borrow more from the library if there was more at the library, but having been a loyal patron all my reading life, I've pretty much used them all.

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