Friday, April 24, 2009

Life As a Statistic - part 1

Top Ten Things I Can't Wait to Do Now that I'm Unemployed

10. Go to Inman Perk in the middle of the day with laptop and stay for hours.
9.   Work out regularly at Mills Center
8.  Treat self to slice of Rosa's pizza in Fairlie-Popular (sic)
7.  Meet dazed and slow-moving men at unemployment center at Toco Hills
6. Learn how to monetize blog and join ETSY
5. Make cash money squiring Clay's parents to medical and hair appointments
4. Sell Johnson-era ball gown hanging in closet for last 10 years
3. Revise novel
2. Finish artist book project
1. Imagine a life off the grid

Thanks to Charlie Soderberg (Lux) for comping my haircut. Tears of gratitude and love, my buddy and best colorist in Atlanta (and cutter). Thanks to previous employer at trade mag for sending me freelance article to write. 

what next.


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine what it must be like to be 'unemployed'. Perhaps that is the lot of the freelance, goading oneself towards the next task, seeking the next commission. Lovely to have time to stand and stare, but just horrific to lose the chance of a pay cheque which finances art supplies, fabrics, paints and so on, those magical spare time things. (Ann from UK)

Anonymous said...

Ah, but in true Alicia-style, you will make this a rich time. And I hope there will be more time for a visit.

chickory said...

what next? you'll land on your feet. im not worried about you. i love your to do list. im going to make making my stand alone shop a priority this summer -that is if the swine flu doesnt kill all potential art buyers. hahahahaha

getting off grid. oh yeah thats one of my goals too. im close. first the garden and the chicks...then the solar. at least they cant tax the sun (yet) however, its *muy expensive*

slow moving dazed men. but unemployed!

Anonymous said...

Make that finish and sell your novel. Once upon a time I worked for the City of Atlanta but I was forced to resign (at least I felt forced). It was the best career and lifestyle move ever. In a year, I was making twice as much money and enjoying my work - as a freelancer.