Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Distinguish Scents - Artist Book

Part 1

For this project I selected a prose poem written a while ago in one of my creative writing classes using an exercise I'm very fond of and which generally results in a good long piece of prose for everyone participating. It's taken from a handy how-to called Fast Fiction: Creating Fiction in Five Minutes by Roberta Allen.

like folding paper and am intrigued by the possibilities of various map-fold structures, so deciding on a solarplate exposure process, a map-fold and a text about 8 pages long (including cover) set about to find illustrations and make a book.

Here's the mock-up.

Solarplates are not cheap. I've purchased from Dick Blicks and McClains, which are the lowest-priced. While both vendors are great, I'm curious about the plates Daniel Smith carries as they are twice the price. I exposed some of the plates back on a sunny day in December with an exposure time of 5 minutes each. (About three in a light box with the right kind of light.)

In January/February when the promise of a show prompted me to finish what had been a dawdling sort of project, I had to figure out a quicker and more consistent way to expose the 16 plates I'd need. Even at $5 a plate, there was little room/budget for error or experimentation. At the Atlanta Printmakers Studio, where I do most of my work, we worked out a way to expose on the screenprinting light table. I exposed the remaining plates (the lion's share) at 13 minutes a pop; a long time, but the table allowed me to expose several at a time. I managed to expose,wash and harden three at a time without getting into a panic.

Here they are:

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