Thursday, April 9, 2009

Studio Plex

In the "Old Fourth Ward"

Studioplex held an open house last night. My walking buddy, F. and I strolled over hoping to get a peek at some of the residential lofts and get a bead on the action. It's looking very hip though I'd like to see it on a really rainy day to see how much rain seeps through all that exposed brick.

Janke Studio (blown glass) has held the corner studio for at least 10 years. Fireflies demonstrated the art with their mobile glory hole.
Studioplex and much of this slice of downtown, west of Inman Park, east of Sweet Auburn, would be a lot more populated by now were it not for the radical change in our universal game of musical chairs. Not sure I'd want to live here as I'm reaching toward Grant Park these days but as no one already holding a chair is going anywhere, it doesn't really matter.
We also stopped at GriffinDavis Gallery to see an intriguing collection of collage, some paintings by a friend of a new acquaintence of F (long live the Mills Center) (Scott Eakin) and some encaustics. There's a lot of encaustic around these days. A whole lot. Possibly the folk art of the day. (why is that? is it that much fun? it's hot and expensive. there's little control but you can be surprised at the color combinations and it's malleable, good for carving. is there a metaphor here? Or maybe it's just a trend ingredient. It's very tactile, which is always attractive.)
Let the festival season begin!
Let the green markets come with lavender and tomatoes
Let the middle-aged women in pink begin their annual parade
My arm is ready for the waving

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