Monday, May 4, 2009

Off the Grid - Week Two Top Ten Goals

After taking a couple of skills, satisfaction and entrepreneurial assessment tests that might have been better crafted as Cosmo quizzes, it appears I have the ambitions and aptitudes of a 19th century civil servant. That can't be right. I'm deeply customer service-oriented and creative in my approach to problem solving.
And anyway, don't most people want to work in supportive environments where the occasional pesky mood swing won't matter much one way or the other? 

In an effort to see the glass as half full (and doesn't that really depend on what's in the glass and when the bar is closing?), I've switched this series (sadly not fictional, though thanks, Chickory, for thinking I worked as an apartment manager) from the victimized "Life as a Statistic" to one of my goals "Life off the grid." Though how I'm going to grow much more than kale in my sunny high-rise, I don't know. Maybe one small hen???

Top Ten Goals for Week Two
10. Send out four resumes/contact emails a day
9. Register for unemployment. Bring all materials
8. Reduce tension-related swelling in face
7. Finish artist books for Denver gallery's call for artist books
6. Use "differentiator" in a sentence without heaving
5. Finish reading novel draft
4. Attend Blog Optimization webinar
3. Start posting other novel
2. Get back to fundraising for 3Day
1. Complete at least two online applications to places I'd really like to work


Anonymous said...

What is the "universe" telling you to do? I found out it was time for me to quit self-introspection (is that redundant?) and go with what the "universe" was bringing to me. After 50+ years, can you believe it? Old dogs can learn new tricks. Very liberating.


K9 said...

differentiator will be a nice change from juxtaposition. the catch all art phrase big word. i hate it.

thanks for your kind wishes for ol' trouter. i will know more on friday. it is amazing how badly i crashed when told she may go blind. !!!!!!

i clicked all through your google ads. for your readers that dont know -your click on ads is revenue for this blogger.

good luck with UE.

btw, maybe you could write and submit some quizzed for cosmo. better yet -how about an existential quiz for readers of art in america or something.

why make art? what am i saying? the the F cares? ahhh nevermind.

ABG said...

to Anon: so what did the universe tell you to do? hasn't spoken to me yet, or my ears haven't adjusted to the cabin pressure.

K9: thanks for the clicks. And you make art because you have to. I've seen your studio and the connections between BR and the canvas. you can be the egg lady, too. are they laying yet?

Anonymous said...


The "universe" told me to quit examining everything that He/it was sending my way. Paralysis by analysis. Told me that the rigid code of (with apologies to Mr. Jefferson) self-evident truths that I had been living my life by weren't necessarily true. There never was a real Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver even if I thought all the other kids parents were that way. So no need for me to try and emulate Ward. Life is meant to be enjoyed (without hurting yourself or others) so Ernie should stop being so serious and go back to that carefree, happy spirit that used to reside in his body many, many moons ago, back when making love was for fun. When the "universe" sends me a chance for love, take the chance. Time is running out.

You don't hear the "universe" with your ears or your mind, it speaks through your heart and your soul. So deep down inside you feel it rather than listen for it. Don't fight it, embrace it and let it wash over you like the aroma of lilacs and honey suckle. You're very, very intelligent, you know of what I write. I'll be pulling for you.