Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Off the Grid - Week ???

Top Ten Most Curious Things About Being "Un-employed"

10. I'm busy all the time.
9.   Saturdays feel just as good as they ever have.
8.   Now that I have time to sit with my bagel at Belly, I still get it to go.
7.   I'm mistaken for retired.
6.   The facial twitch has faded considerably.
5.   I'm so excited about self-employment, I rolled through a job interview without getting fake smile headache.
4.   And when the hiring person asked me if I was still interested in the job, I said, "More than I thought I'd be."
3.   Willingness to figure out Skype for Mac
2.   Spent afternoon "helping" J. photography my artist books AND IT FELT LIKE REAL WORK.
1. But it didn't feel like a job.

I'm so happy.


chickory said...

im laughing and smiling!!! welcome aboard! i will never have a "real" job again. (i hope)

working HARD on my garden. i planted 8 kinds of sunflowers. the new chicks stayed out with me all day and Trouts eyes are looking almost normal.

yay for you and me.

loved this "fake smile headache" hahahahahaha!

ABG said...

i think i can i think i can