Friday, June 12, 2009

Life off the Grid - Stripping the Facade

Monday - no mascara
Tuesday - no foundation
Wednesday - no lipstick
Thursday - no hair goo
Friday - no mirror

can this go on?


Anonymous said...

No clothes? I believe there's an au natural resort north of ATL.


K9 said...

i colored my own hair. the worm has truly turned.

ABG said...

i love my colorist too much to put his income in danger...may go gray before 60, however.

Anonymous said...

Trust me - it's a sporadic thing with those of us who spend a lot of time out of the view of others. I like to think it's somehow related to our need to focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by silly mascara and hair goo. That's MY story and I'm sticking to it :)Cyn

ABG said...

so you mean it won't last? At least today I'm clean