Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Knuckle Update - Fighter or Nursing Home Wench?

Got very sleepy drunk on two fairly small glasses of wine last night. Maybe it's the sudden sun and heat, the hours juggling imprecations to the Knuckle and a webinar on "Are You an Entrepreneur?" (probably not.)

Today I'll watch the IK struggle through her physical therapy---the walker parade around the room and, hopefully, some leg lifts. If she's not too tired after that, some occupational therapy. She definitely had some kind of mini-stroke but it's her spirit I'm worried about. She's so apathetic. Something's died or hiding. Is it possible for the spirit to die and not be recovered as the body is worked and the digestion ministered to? She will eat what she likes: oatmeal, slips of fresh apple and pear, a large strawberry. She'll even drink Ensure and who can possibly like that? 
She drinks her liquids. 
Maybe she's trying her best and it's we who are impatient in our fear of what's to come. Which death are we to outsmart? The body is hard to kill, the soul another matter. 

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