Saturday, July 18, 2009

Season of the Peach

An extraordinary day here in Georgia: mild temps, no humidity and a cool and continual breeze. What gives! The Piedmont Park green market was alive with midtowners and their small to medium sized dogs. Thanks to all who did not arrive with large animals in tow.
Arrived in time for Pilates and yoga classes benefitting the Atlanta Children's Shelter. Unfortunately, had had a mental frizzle and left without my mat. No matter, drove home, re-kitted for walking and returned on foot. Need to step up the 3Day training anyway (boy, has that gone to hell, but the link will take you right to my page.) It was so cool that even when I returned home at 11, I hadn't broken a sweat.

Roamed around town, eating out at Mellow Mushroom while reading one of the few Jennifer Chiaverini novels I haven't yet devoured (The Quilter's Legacy). I think I've read all but one now. They are so compelling. The only thing that makes me put one down once I've begun it is the lure of fabric and a threaded needle. ...And I don't even quilt. Sadly, this hasn't stopped me from buying fabric and starting a simple project. I've also begun to look at journal doodles as potential patterns for embroidery.

If all the Atlanta links make this posting look like an ad for my city; maybe it is. I'm also practicing "key words" and "search engine optimization" --- two phrases in my newest twist of career. Perhaps key words are like themes and re-occurances and SEOs are a kind of cadence.


Anonymous said...

Miss Alicia,

With all the talent that you possess as exemplified in your blog(writing, photography, insightfulness, wisdom, etc.) I'm sure that ideal high paying job will come your way very shortly. Do you still teach and impart your talents to the world? I'll keep you in my prayers.

Peter Daltrey

Marion said...

It was great to meet you at the Social Media Club last week. I think we've been passing each other on the Freedom Park trail on my morning jog too. I didn't know Piedmont Park has a Green Market. I always go to the one at StudioPlex in the O4W. Good stuff, for sure!

ABG said...

thanks, Marion. that was a good meeting.
say hi on the trail. i like how the mornings carry a cadre of the same people. i've been to the studioplex market too. a

thanks for the good thoughts, anon