Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Miss My Irish Twin

David's birthday is tomorrow. Mine is September 3. Every year in late summer we were the same age and we liked that. it was goofy and somehow special like the games of ringoleavio and his special trick of lying in the shadow of the gutter so close to the lamp post that was home no one ever thought to look for him there.
like the August peaches in the yard.
like the sound of all those boomer children singing "Car, car, c-a-r!" to warn each other: get out of the way or die.

Now I will grow older and he will not. I believe I miss my brother more than anyone else.


Anonymous said...

Love does not end with the death of the physical body. Love endures forever. Your brother's love for you is still there for you. You can feel it a noisy crowded room. You can sense it when you're all alone (even though you never are). Hold on to it and let his love help you through the difficult times. He was a good man, wouldn't he want it that way?

A friend.

Anonymous said...

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