Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th from Delightful Dunedin

The crowd at stadium in delightful Dunedin, July 3. A concert featuring a band with lots of experience singing Jimmy Buffet songs. Even their Van Morrison homage had the flavor of lime. This was a charming way to start the weekend. D and I, her niece, E and E's beau, W and I parked nearby like most others and strolled, beers in hand, into this lifesize stadium, where the Blue Jays play. It had been raining crazy, street-flooding, hydroplaning rain for days but on Friday night the clouds nudged each other off stage. You'll see families and friends playing catch on the infield and the rest of us moseying into seats with fresh beers.
Apres fireworks, we headed up Alt 19 to the causeway for a series of runs: one mile, five mile and 10 mile, ending around midnight.


Anonymous said...

Is that you in the lower third on the left-hand side of the top picture?


ABG said...


K9 said...

jimmy buffet. well i declare. its just too predictable. where are the sex pistol tribute bands when you need them?

ABG said...

well, it is Florida after all. Can listen to Syd Vicious in a pair of flip flops, now can you?