Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Happy Spring Happy Claritin

The joys of sleeping with windows wide open (air chilled as champagne, the warm and cool crumple of fresh sheets) are countered by the sinus-heavy awakening.

I used the above photo as my Easter card this year primarily because I love the little action between me and my Irish twin. There's another photo, now lost, that shows the seconds immediately before this one. I wonder what we were squabbling over? Surely, at 4 and 3, we were too young for the name calling that was to come?  This is also one of the few photos where my poor sister, burdened with orders to keep peace, is smiling...and even here she looks leery. Like it won't last. It won't my dear, it won't.

Here is the alternate, taken years later when we'd formed our alliances against the shrill and anxious wave that was the Knuckle.

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