Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So many skylines in Atlanta

Isn't this picture (above) fun? I took it at Oakland Cemetery a few weeks back on a spectacular Saturday. Oakland, which is more or less downtown (off east on the border of Grant Park, Cabbagetown and Old Fourth Ward), looks over downtown proper. I posted this photo because of the surprise palm tree. I've never seen it before but it's obviously well-established.
The cemetery took a serious hit during the March tornado. Lots of graves had to be repaired, then the monuments and plantings and most had to be completed by professionals. In the last couple of months, regular volunteers with TreeAtlanta and Oakland's own, were able to help.

If you visit Atlanta on a pretty day and want some history, come to Oakland. The docents are knowledgeable and all the better dead are here or at Westview on the othe side of downtown.

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Jonna said...

What a great cemetery. I've always loved old cemetaries.