Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Want to Live Here Episode 39

“Michael Fish works there,” I said.
“Judith’s husband?”
“Yeah, I thought he was one of the founders.”
“Maybe not,” said Stephen.
“I’m sure they’re not all gay,” said Nancy. “Another slice?”
“Poor Judith,” I said. “I wonder if she knows.”
“I don’t think she misses much,” said Nancy. “Do you?”
“Not really, but we’ve all got our blind spots.” I was thinking of her and how it seemed to me that Stephen did not want to move to Seattle. Naturally, I wasn’t thinking of the things I didn't want to see. Poor Judith. What did it feel like for your husband to prefer a man? “It might be better than another woman,” I said aloud.
Stephen bent to pour more wine in my glass. “ Who knows?" he said. "I couldn’t figure out what Abigail saw in your new boss.”
“The guy buying this complex. Isn’t he your new boss?”
Now this was more than I could take in. Ken and Abigail?
“What are you saying?”
As I watched, Nancy and Stephen exchanged a long and significant look of the sort married couples exchange when one brings up a subject they have both agreed to bury. Stephen sighed.
“Stephen thinks he saw them together more than once,” said Nancy. “And I definitely heard them in the townhouse before Christmas. Right around the time Tim brought the car back.”


Anonymous said...

Wow! The piece about the pigeon sounds like some big-time symbolism from a classic novel. Since pigeons are related to but not exactly doves I see someone in the universe reaching out to you with a peace offering but not doing it in an ideal way (i.e. the pure white DOVE). Did you send a return message when you "shepherded" it out?

I came across a Jeff Dunas picture of Gillian Anderson that reminded me of the picture you had of yourself. I can't figure out how to add it here or I'd show it to you. I see a strong physical resemblance between you and her.

By the way, perhaps applying vasoline to the problem spots and wearing two pairs of thin socks may help assuage the foot problems during your walks. It worked way back when in high school. Good luck.

From one writer to another,do you already know where your story is going or does it just come out when you start to write?

ABG said...

I always wonder if Anonymous is the same person each time.
I didn't send a return message because I wasn't considering the meaning of the dove at that moment. At that moment, I was helping the pigeon out and digging the event. I did wish the bird could stay...that was an odd, flat moment during the five minutes of hosting the visit. I like your interpretation and will return a message. I did wonder who was offering me a peace offering.

I find vaseline on the foot makes my foot slide too much, but thinner socks are working well. I bought a new pair of Nikes, an expensive pair I bought from a woman who bought them on eBay. They're snugger than my other shoes and that worried me, but they seem to reduce the number of days my feet hurt after a walk. Thanks for your ideas.

I outlined this novel and was working on the first draft early mornings. Then I started walking early mornings and let the book go. I'm making it up as I go along and keeping an outline going maybe three or four scenes ahead. That said, I know who was with Abigail when she fell.