Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Again

She said to give it all away and that’s okay for the couch

and the recliner, but there are some things you just take home:

We can always use Q-Tips, freezer bags, the new pound of butter

and finally, how many boxes of toothpicks can you toss

before tasting that shred of bacon again and thinking,

okay, I can use these.

The pile is slid into a handy tote or a Xerox box with handles.

Can you have too many nail clippers?

And I want her little ring and her other little ring

and you can have the ruby because you gave it to her

and in our family all gifts are returned in the end.

In my poverty I gave poetry as Deborah gave service

and Janeann gold and good sweaters. All in returned in time.

But what about the little things:

her pink towels are brighter than mine,

so yes, pack them.

At home I wash them immediately

as if trying to dissolve the faded scent of l’air du temps,

yes, something’s in the air all right,

but even a soaking tide won’t wash away this lifetime.


chickory said...

my goodness. the stuff of life. and death.

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

and of course, my iron broke and i didn't take hers. ah well.