Thursday, February 26, 2009

scanner collages

lazy art projects?  bases for works to come? captured memories. I have a wooden box made by my grandfather for a shoeshine box. i've had it probably since high school when the things i collected from the house, from my parents' past were allowed to stay with me. These included this wooden box, a small round 'drum' table and chair that were part of my parents' wedding "suite." Grandpa's desk, a toy box made for J., but claimed by me. And then the furniture they bought for me that would be mine to keep, sell, discard, lose in the game of growing up and out. 
this is a sample of some of the smaller flotsam from the 50s and 60s. 


chickory said...

i love the word flotsam.

ive made some lovely flower scans. i will post one on chickory tomorrow for you. jerry cullum told me a year ago he wanted to do a scanner show. he liked the one i called andromeda and dillweed.

missed the damn meeting!

chickory said...

forgot to tell you: eva died 3 years ago. that was a repost for a friend whos dog is dying

boneman said...

bee's knees?

oh dear. makes me think that somewhere, there may be an envelope with 'bee's wings' written on it.

still, nice collection.