Monday, December 1, 2008

A Little More Sharing - Song Lyrics


If you were the woman and I was the man
would I send you yellow roses
would I dare to kiss your hand?
In the morning would I caress you
as the wind caresses the sand,
if you were the woman and I was the man?

If I was the heart and you were the head
would you think me very foolish
if one day I decided to shed
these walls that surround me
just to see where these feelings led,
if I was the heart and you were the head?

If I was the woman and you were the man
would I laugh if you came to me
with your heart in your hand
and said, 'I offer you this freely
and will give you all that I can
because you are the woman
and I am the man?'

The song was composed by Michael Timmins and is from the album "Black-Eyed Man" by

Cowboy Junkies


Anonymous said...

I like the lyrics. Sort of reminds me of “If I Were A Carpenter” but sideways. Either way you have to make it easy for someone to love you. Have you ever made it easy for someone to love you?

Re: your previous post about the James Dickey piece, in many ways my returns to yesteryear have been more along the lines of Thomas Wolfe i.e. “You Can’t Go Home Again.” But not always, and those times when I have been able to transcend time have been special.

Really admire your participation in the Walk. Says a lot for your determination, discipline, dedication, spirit, etc. And how you value your friendship with Lindsay. Are the good vibes from the walk still spilling over (pardon the pun) in regards to abstention from wine? Speaking of spirits, I wrote about the kitchen-pigeon being symbolic of someone offering you an imperfect peace offering, etc. and you responded that you would send out a return message. The next two days I had birds fly (clunk) into my window. Strange.

Keep writing. I enjoy reading it. Have a happy holiday season.

ABG said...

Off the top of my head, I can't say if I've ever 'made it easy for someone to love me,' but your point is well taken. If I have it was probably tied to the other person's needs, either to love or be love, and I'm thinking it was unconscious on my part. Too much thinking, too much wanting, is death to ease. You know what? I don't think I've ever thought about making love easy. Interesting question.

Have you opened your window yet?

ABG said...

Another point to yours on 'transcending time'...while in N.C., we were playing scrabble, sipping scotch and listening absently to an array of CDs. Suddenly, in the middle of "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" I had that moment. It was tied, absolutely, to a smell. Not one in the house that night but one from my attic room back home, 35+ years ago. Scent is, must be, the turnkey to time travel.