Friday, November 14, 2008

Art Journal Pages for Random Arts

Here are variations on a non-theme journal page challenge. This is the first time I've participated in a challenge. It was issued by Random Arts' blog random notes. Random Arts is in Saluda, N.C., and while I've never been there (yet), a visit is forthcoming...sooner than later. Usually, when heading into N.C. for art fixes, we head to the John C. Campbell School or Penland School. When heading to or from Penland, there's Asheville and Black Mountain to visit. Saluda is something new (to me).
Also new, creating to a theme or with constraints of having to use some or all of the materials sent by artist blogger (and gemini) Jane Powell. What a week of anxiety! I seem able to work easily when alone, when teaching a class or taking one, but responding to a friendly challenge brought out all my latent competitiveness and perfectionist tendencies. When this happens, I wind up working on two or three pieces: one for the inner nag, one for the inner good girl and one for the real me. Not sure who did either of the above, but I like the one with the empty clothesline.

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random notes said...

Thanks so much Alicia for including Random Arts in your blog. The entries that have come in are so cool and so different. This journal challenge was so much fun that we are planning on doing it again the first part of '09.
Jane, Random Arts, Saluda,NC