Monday, November 12, 2007

Love Letter

Love Letter

I left an earring and my heart at your house last night. If you find my earring, please return it promptly.

But if you find my heart, tuck it into your shirt pocket where you can pat it several times a day. For example, while walking or talking,
while stepping onto escalators and
subway trains, or while foot-tapping
at the bank, the ATM, the grocery.

At home, when you have put away all the bottles and all the oranges, when the plastic bags have curled themselves inside each other, like tongues into ears, unbutton your pocket and remove my heart. Your fingers will know the way.

Having found my heart let me know you care that the distance between us may be two miles or two seconds.

Please don’t lose my heart; you have a bargain now. Don't lend it or pass it on forgotten between the pages of a borrowed book. Keep it with your other lucky finds.

And when you return my heart,
return it full and fed, well-oiled
and lightly massaged.
When you return my heart,
Return it wiser.
Return it with accurate aim.


Judy Wise said...

Your blog is making my heart pound. the beautiful writing. That BOX (!!) with the twine and beeswax (swoon). I'm linking back to you and putting you on my blog roll. You deserve a huge audience. xoxo

ABG said...

how kind you are. I'm looking forward to hearing from the world.