Monday, January 9, 2012

Let the Quarter Begin

I'm teaching full-time this first quarter of 2012 (and then some.) A fullish load at the Art Institute, a monthly course at the online school and a weekly look-in at GPC. In between classes today, I interviewed an engineer for my foreign biz client. I have neglected my local biz client. Artomats are taking a hit as well. I know some people seem to thrive on schedules like this. In fact, if I'd worked this hard in my 20s or even 30s, it probably wouldn't seem like such a challenge now. Still, despite how slowly I seem to get on, the working day is a darn sight better nowadays without the anxiety of youth.

Am currently investigating the phrase "Rowing Boats."  It's the title I selected for my contribution to Book Arts Object. First step is often to free-associate for what comes from within. I didn't do this to any degree yet; instead, I checked for the symbolism of the rowboat. Hard work on your own terms and in your own time. Such a coincedence!

Book plan: small meander (2x3'' or 4x5" closed)
character: the boat itself if I can draw one with a personality and its oars.
Setting(s): in the hands of its creator, afloat, struggling in waves, beached, rocks, turned over

This sounds like a children's picture book. Also sounds like the Sisyphus book and text. We'll see.
This morning a student used the phrase "Whatever floats your boat."  Maybe something there.
I'll ponder this as I work out my skills in drawing a traveling boat.
More as it happens!

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