Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lillie Day 10 - Crating Miss Lillie

Gosh, I'm busy! With very little time to call my own (by my standards, anyway; readers with children and husbands need not respond) the fact that I've got a stack of papers to grade is the only thing motivating me to post today. Or is it?

Why no. No pun intended, but today marks the first day Lillie spent in her crate without either peeing, pooping or both.

She did both the first day, so I placed the spare "wall" thus shrinking the crate to her size.
She just peed on the second day, so I washed out the towel and replaced it with another and left her less water.
She just peed on the third day, but took down the wall, so I replaced the wall, washed out the towel and replaced it with another.
Then I did a laundry.
She just peed on the fourth, fifth, six and seventh days.
On the eighth day I took the trainer's advice and removed the towel.
On the ninth day she peed and pooped. I flushed the poop and washed the plastic tray with the new spray bottle of urine stain and odor remover.
On the 10th day I took the advice of my chiropractor, who welcomes dogs to her office and her life, and added a T-shirt of my own. Not a clean one.
On the afternoon of the 10th day I arrived home to a dry crate and a dry dog.

Tomorrow we try this again for a longer stint. Good luck, Lillie.


K9 said...

remember with a pup its two steps forward and one back. this will go on for some time. but you will have a dog at last that is the most reliable house mate you ever heard of. a real friend and comfort in good and bad times. she is just darling.

Koby ate 12 dog beds and one antique wing chair. That has ended. and now i have almost gotten her trained to stay in my unfenced yard in BR. do you know what a feat that is with game to chase all around? persistent and consistent. Koby is 1.5 years old. 100 pounds.

Sending Pages Out to Dry said...

wow. thanks for the kind words, K9. Lillie is a sweetheart. She'll get there.