Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dangerous Book - Episode 44

Things found in books:

*            date due slips
*            other slips of paper
*            homework assignments
*            sheets of toilet paper (clean, thank goodness)
*            Kleenex (clean and used)
*            library cards (we scan these into the computer to check out materials and the patrons are supposed to keep them!)
*            actual bookmarks
*            a surgical clamp
*            HAIR!
*            a bobby pin
*            a notification that someone had received a raise
*            an assortment of bills and letters
*            a season pass to Worlds and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City
*            a band-aid
*            a leaf
*            wedding pictures
*            other photos
*            the receipt from a visit for psychoanalysis
*            thank you cards
*            drivers licenses
*            a packet of tropical punch flavored Kool-Aid
*            a yellow 3-inch rubber snake
*            bird poop
*            raisins
*            creepy crawlies
*            a dry flower

What’s in the cookbook?

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