Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hanger and Fold: Invisible Ice

Here at the high-rise, we use the solar snow removal process. The snow is all but gone, but what remains are secretive bits of black ice that can, and will, bring you down if you're not careful. Ice, so thin it's the color of the pavement, can be invisible.

So I'll stay tucked up here in the early mornings instead of going out for usual (and much missed) 7 a.m. walk.

I've had to remove my blog posting regarding the store in which I work. I didn't realize there was a company policy about use of the store name (don't do it) and photographs of the store (don't do it). So, no more Hanger and Fold...unless it's fiction, I suppose.

It seems to me that even positive discussions of a personal experience are, when attached to a brand, unwelcome. Is it the control factor? Are we all so fearful and litigious and worried? Are we not human anymore?

Watching out for black ice on warming mornings.

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