Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Off to the 3 Day

Why I Walk--- Do you really want these little kids to have to deal with breast cancer?

Everyone from the guys at Fleet Feet, who sold me this year's Saucony/Nike shoe mix (Saucony's are snugger and great for morning; the Nikes are perfect for the afternoon when my feet really are a size 10) to our beloved doorman think I'm gonna do just fine. But I'm the one who knows I ain't been to yoga above twice since the layoff and barely checked into the training teams all summer. I know I can do it, but it's gonna hurt.

That said, I want to thank everyone who supported me in gathering, raising, soliciting, begging for the necessary $2,300 minimum. It's going to a good cause and will be administered by one of the best-run organizations I've ever seen: The Breast Cancer 3Day benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure. (There, I've finally got the name right!) In 2008, the 3Day series raised $110 million, 72% of which was invested in mission programs and services. The remainder, well below the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Standards for Charitable Accountability (, was spent on management and fundraising.

FYI:The 2009 Breast Cancer 3-Day Series includes 15 events in Boston (July 24-26), Cleveland (July 31-

August 2), Chicago (August 7-9), Michigan (August 14-16), Twin Cities, Minn. (August 21-23), Denver

(August 28-30), Seattle (September 11-13), San Francisco (October 2-4), Washington D.C. (October

9-11), Philadelphia (October 16-18), Atlanta (October 23-25), Tampa Bay, Fla. (October 30-

November 1), Dallas/Fort Worth (November 6-8), Arizona (November 13-15), and San Diego

(November 20-22).

My friends, you gave to help me, to honor your daughters, your mothers, your sisters, aunts, cousins and friends, and I am deeply grateful:

Thanks to Janeann and Steve, Serey and Mike, Ralph and Julie, Evy, Cary, Debra, Andrea, Gus, Mary and Mike, Karen, Jean, Pat, Rob and Donna, Marty and Lee, Chris, Patricia, Kevin, Faye and Bill, Jane, Pat (hi Kara!) and George, Claudia and Bob, Patrick, Sarah and Linda, Colleen, Laurie ---- and the Downshifters of Brooklyn.

Thanks to J.Jill at Phipps for hiring me even though I went on "vacation" immediately...the new pink A-line T-shirt is divine.

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