Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life Off the Grid - Week 22

Jesus, that's almost six months. Sort of, all we're allowed, right? I'm afraid to find out how much longer the unemployment will last and the COBRA, not to mention the cash. So I've started the giving up process. The other day, while at Perimeter Mall taking an Apple One2One with my favorite geniuses (unlike my brain, I'd like to know more than 10% of my Mac's operating system), I strolled past J. Jill and saw a little card in the front window of the sort one just doesn't see anymore.

Now J.Jill is one of the catalogues I welcomed and when my ex-job was new I celebrated the need for new clothes with a pretty regular appearance at the store. Looking at little Jilly had been, during the financially strapped non-profit years, a closet goal. In the last three years I pretty much achieved that. Superficial? Yeah, but so what.

I don't miss most shopping but I do miss my soporific strolls through the linens and mixed silk (avoiding Tencil as the bad idea it is) and the pretty though not always becoming seasonal palettes, checking out the differences between the catalogue's romantic promise and the actual fit. So as I try to draw the line at becoming the personal servant to a friend's moneyed mother, I walked into that little shop and asked for an application. Actually, what I said was, "I'm usually wearing more Jill than this, but I saw the sign in the window."
"And you want to apply for the job?" asked the manager.
"I'd love to!"
What the hell am I thinking?
That putting in some hours where I know exactly what I have to do and can just do it without getting all brave and out there (freelance writing) for a little while will tide me over until a real job comes along.

That the online educator job I'm interviewing and training for is actually part-time also so I'd better start cobbling something together whether there's a public option on the docket or not.

No top 10 list this week. Is getting a retail job better or worse than using up the unemployment? I just don't know right now. Something got me into that store with a smile on my face, and it wasn't the trapeze T-shirts.

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