Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Found Art

I came across this poem, stenciled on the Freedom Path, a bike/walking/running trail that starts in downtown Atlanta and works its ways east toward Stone Mountain, some 30 miles. The path is not solid for that distance, however. It breaks up and winds its way along neighborhood streets and along the east/west MARTA rail. I've never pursued it all the way to Stone Mountain so can't say what it looks like out there. I use the intown section that runs from downtown to Candler Park, a distance of maybe five miles. maybe. Anyway, in the Little Five Points section (natch) I found this poem.
There's a lot, A LOT of grafitti in town and some of it is quite beautiful.


Michelle said...

Leesh: How very cool. That piece involved stenciling and spraypainting...I wonder if it's been sprayed anywhere else...When you do come across graffiti you like, could you photo it? I've got a section in my 101 class devoted to graffiti. Here, some group with buckets of gray paint go out and paint over any graffiti they find.

ABG said...

sure! I've got more in my camera from last training walk.