Friday, February 8, 2008

I Want to Live Here 10

The author is experiencing a little time/energy management trouble.

Nora, our intrepid assistant manager and the Arborgate neighbors: Mrs. Mason, Stephen and Nancy will return.
As for the staff. I realize they have been mentioned but not yet seen on the page. You must meet:

  • Tim, the scrappy, perennially angry maintenance man (no one told him to marry his prom date!);

  • Judith, the 30-something manager. She's given Nora her first chance in Atlanta, but will she stand behind her when the eager assistant starts turning over rocks and unlocking the wrong drawers? Or will she hook her perfectly manicured hands to Mr. Eberhard's star?

  • Mr. Eberhard, the man with the plan. He owns one apartment complex in Atlanta and is just about to buy Arborgate. Does that mean advancement or another round of job shopping for Nora?

  • and Barbara, Chris and Pat, the gals at his other complex way out on Buford Highway. Which one of them will be Property Manager of Mr. E's growing empire?

  • the dead woman's ex-husband, Kevin

And just who was that potential tenant who took up so much of Nora's time she missed Abigail's final phone call?

Why, there's even a little jaunt to Midtown, which, in 1976, was no place for a straight girl!

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