Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Twists of Fate

In my last post, I kidded about the drive-by my sister-in-law and I took with the Knuckle. We wanted to interest her in moving to a nice independent and assisted living place in Clearwater, much closer than where she's living now.

Little did we know that less than a week later, she would slide from her bed while dressing and, unable to rise, lay in a tangle for two days! Thank G-d her pal came on Friday to pick her up for lunch. Instead, she picked her up for a trip to the ER.

The knuckle is not going to be living alone much longer. After the hospital (she's doing nicely) and some rehab, we're going back to clearwater.
what a scare!

So, boomers, let's all promise to pick exactly the right moment to move from our own houses to ALFs. and good luck to all of us that we can see it coming.

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